Soup Dumpling
Soup dumpling

Traditional Chinese



xiǎo lóng bāo

Cantonese Jyutping

siu2 lung4 baau1

Soup dumplings, or "xiao long bao", is not traditionally a dim sum dish.  However, due to its recent popularity, it is now commonly served as part of dim sum.  This type of dumpling was first invented in the area around Shanghai, China.  It consists of a flour wrapper with a pork and meat aspic mixture stuffing.  When steamed, the gelatin in the aspic will melt into a pork flavored liquid, which leads to the dumpling's name.  


Other stuffing may also use minced crab meat, other seafood and other meats.  One dessert variation uses red bean paste instead of a savory stuffing.


Guantang bao

A related soup dumpling is called "guantang bao", or "soup-filled dumpling".  This dumpling has similar ingredients but one dumpling takes up the size of one small bamboo steamer and is often served with a straw to drink the soup that has accumulated inside the dumpling.

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  • Xiao long bao
  • XLB
  • Pork soup dumpling

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